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A Comparison bttween iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4

Published on March 22, 2013 by in iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been revealed in New York for several days. It is the latest smartphone of Samsung. The iPhone 5 is the latest phone of Apple. Let’s make a comparison between the two latest smartphones.

There is a form about the comparison of hardware and battery life between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4.

I will not hastily say which one is better. It is decided by personal taste.

Both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 have their advantages and disadvantages. On the hardware, Galaxy S4 is superior to iPhone 5 in several aspects.The most disappointed one is that there is no NFC and Micro SD slot on iPhone 5.

The Galaxy S4 battery is almost twice the size of the iPhone 5, which is due to due to the huge screen of Galaxy S4. But  Apple is famous for its ability to squeeze as much life as possible out of smaller batteries by specifically optimizing the software for the hardware.

The iPhone 5 is much smaller and lighter than the S4. The other notable difference is that the Galaxy S4 is plastic, while the iPhone 5 is aluminium.If you want a big-screen device, go for the Galaxy S4; if you want something that’s easier to hold, go for the iPhone 5.

The Galaxy S4, with Android 4.2 and the TouchWiz skin, is completely and utterly different from iOS 6 on the iPhone 5.

Since I like something small and light, I will choose iPhone 5. That is the only reason for myself.

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