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Different Ways to Transfer Videos between Devices

Published on March 5, 2013 by in iOS, Windows

Besides iTunes, do you know some other ways to transfer files especially videos between iOS devices and computer? In this article, we will conclude three ways to transfer videos from computer to iOS devices with cable or wirelessly. We will take Windows PC and iPod as an example.

1. iTunes (with USB cable)
The first method is also the most common used one. You need to connect computer and iPod via USB cable.
Launch iTunes and Click “File > Add File to Library…”, and then select the videos you would like to share in the iTunes library.
Click “Movies” in LIBRARY section, and you will see the videos you just added. Then sync those videos to iPod.

2. iPhone WiFi Transfer (without USB cable)
Download this app on the App Store. It makes full use of WiFi network. There is no need of any cables. You need to connect computer and iPod to the same WiFi network.
You need to open a web browser or download the computer companion which is totally free. Then connect computer and iPod together.

We have shown the detailed process in the previous tutorials, please refer to it.

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3. Video Converter App(without USB cable)
Download this app on the App Store. It also makes use of WiFi network to transfer and convert videos. The computer and iPod has to be connected to the same WiFi network as well.
Run Video Converter App and switch to the “WiFi Upload” tab.
Open a web browser on your computer. Type the URL address into the address bar.
Click the “Upload” button to choose and upload the source videos to iPod.
When the video files are added to Video Converter App via WiFi network, they will be located at the “Video Source”.
Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages among the three ways. The first two methods can only transfer iPod-, iPhone-, iPad-compatible videos. However, the Video Converter App can transfer any video files and convert them to iPod-, iPhone-, iPad-compatible videos on the iOS devices.

On the contrary, you also cna transfer videos from iPod/iPhone/iPad to computer with  iTunes and iPhone WiFi Transfer. You can try it by yourself or look at the guide.

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