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Download Files from iPad to Windows PC

The iPhone WiFi Transfer has been upgraded to a brand new version. Of course, there are some differences in usage compared with the previous one. In this article, we will show you the usage of the latest one—how to download photos and videos from iPad to Windows PC.
1.You need to download iPhone WiFi Transfer and install it to iPad.
It is available on the App Store. Make sure your iPad and PC are connected to the same WiFi network.
2. Run the app on iPad.
The new version can show the device name in the bottom address column.
3.Tap the “Send” button. Then select “Send Photos & Videos To: Computer”
There are two addresses sown on the iPad screen..

4. Open a Web browser on PC (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome,Opera etc). Then input one of the above two addresses as exactly as shown on the screenshot. If you have iTunes installed on your PC, you can choose the first one.

5. Choose one album you would like to download.

Then select the files one by one or “Select All”. After that, click “Download” button.

Click “OK”. Then you can download those files very quickly.
You can make a comparison with the previous one.

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Windows PC

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