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How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone

Have you ever felt frustrated with downloading and storing YouTube videos to iPhone? There is a nice combination of YouTube downloader and video transfer. We will analyze the whole process in details. The process can be divided into two parts: downloading ant transferring.

1. Download YouTube videos

In this part, a program called Free YouTube Downloader is necessary. There are Windows and Mac versions. We will take Windows version as an example.
Download and install the Free YouTube Downloader.
Run the YouTube video downloader.

Firstly, copy the URL address of the video on YouTube. Then click the “YouTube” button on the Free YouTube Downloader. In the pop-up dialog of “Import Video from Internet”, paste the URL address. “MP4/HD MP4” format is compatible with iPhone.

Click the OK button to start the downloading. After the process is completely finished, click the “Folder” button shown on the first screenshot to find the output file.

2. Transfer YouTube video from PC to iPhone

In this part, we use the iPhone WiFi Transfer not iTunes. It is also called Wireless Transfer App on the App Store. Wirelessness means there is no need to use any USB cable. If you use Wireless Transfer App, the Wi-Fi network is essential, just like you can also transfer videos from computer to iPhone through Dropbox. Wireless Transfer App can transfer photos and videos between multiple devices, such as between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer, between an iOS device and another (iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPad, iPhone to iPhone, etc.). This app is much more convenient to transfer photos and videos compared with the traditional wireless ways.

Run the iPhone WiFi Transfer. Then open a web browser on PC and input the device address exactly as the same as the address on iPhone (including the colon and the following port number) to load the iPhone data.

Click the “Upload Images& Videos” button on the top right corner of the webpage. Select the YouTube video. Then it will be downloaded to iPhone very quickly.

The iPhone WiFi Transfer for Windows and Mac are available now. They are in conjunction with the iOS version so that photos and videos can be transferred between iOS devices and Windows PC more efficiently. There are some guides on how to connect the iPhone WiFi Transfer for Windows & Mac to the iOS version.

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