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Great Photos and Videos Wireless Transfer

Traditionally, iOS devices users sync photos and  videos to computer with iTunes. Have you ever felt troublesome to use iTunes, for example, you leave behind your USB cable, or you have lost USB cable. Then you will not be able to achieve your purpose. Is there some wireless method to transfer photos and videos from iOS devices(iPad/iPhone/iPod) to computer(Mac/Windows), or between iOS devices? Of course, the answer is positive.

The iPhone WiFi Transfer is also called Wireless Transfer App or iPhone to Computer Transfer. Wirelessness means there is no need to use any USB cable. But the Wi-Fi network is essential. iPhone WiFi Transfer can upload and download photos and videos between multiple devices, such as between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer, between an iOS device and another (iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPad, iPhone to iPhone, etc.). An outstanding feature is the transferring speed.

I bet you will be attracted by the following detailed display. It is available on the App Store.

1. Open the iPhone WiFi Transfer on your iPhone/iPod/iPad

Touch the circled mark to select screen colprs. There are 4 screen colors:(purple, blue, green and brown) for your personal choice. The iPad screenshot s much similar to iPhone screenshot.

2.Open the iPhone WiFi Transfer for Windows or Mac version

(Download Windows version for Free: http://iphone-to-computer.com/setupwirelesstransferapp.exe)

(Download Mac version for Free: http://iphone-to-computer.com/wirelesstransferapp-intel.dmg)

Windows screenshot:

Mac Screenshot:

3.Connect iPhone and computer

Windows screenshot:

Mac Screenshot:

Other screenshots on the transferring process wil not be listed one by one. All of them will be shown in the later guides. Please keep your eye on it.

Some importent tips:

1.Please make sure the Wireless Network is turned on and there is very stable network signal.

2.Please make sure the app is running and the airplane mode is off on all your devices.

3.If there is wireless network signal shown in your device, please double click the “Home” button to open the taskbar, delete the app and restart it.

4.Support Image format: *.jpg;.png;.jpeg;.tif;.tiff;.bmp;.cr2;.nef;.arw;.raf;.srw

5.Support Video format: *.mov;.mp4;.m4v

Are you interested in iPhone WiFi Transfer? If so, you can have a try. Then you can experience its high speed an quality.

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  • Unbelievable!!!!!! ★★★★★
  • by CalcountR- Mar 25,2013
  • This app is so worth the money. It’s amazing how it transfers right in front of your eyes. Great investment.