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Set up Password of iPhone WiFi Transfer

There is a password protection feature for iPhone WiFi Transfer. Users can set up a password for their iOS devices, so that other people who don’t know the password cannot transfer photos and videos to other iOS devices via this app.
Do you know how to set the password? I will show the details in this article taking iPhone as an example.
Download and install iPhone WiFi Transfer app on the App Store.

Launch iPhone WiFi Transfer app on iPhone.

Tap the gear icon from the bottom right corner shown on the above screenshot.

Tap the “Settings” to change the app settings.

Tap the “OFF” button to shift it to “ON”.

Then input your desired User Name and Password.

It can be numbers, characters or mixed with numbers and characters.

Tap the “Done” button to complete the password setup.

If you would like to transfer files from an iPhone to other iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod),

you need to input the correct password on those devices.

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