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Share Photos and Video between iPad and iPod

The new version of iPhone WiFi Transfer has been released for some days. There are some brand new features compared with the previous version. Of course, there are some differences to use the new version. In this article, we will talk about how to transfer photos and videos between iPad and iPod to show the usage of the new version.
Let’s come to the content.

At first, you need to download iPhone WiFi Transfer and install it to iPad and iPod separately.
It is available on the App Store. You need to pay for once only. Make sure your iPad and iPod are connected to the same WiFi network.

Secondly, run the apps on the two devices. The new version can show the device name in the bottom address column.

Thhirdly, Tap the “Send” button on your iPad, select “Send Photos & Videos To: iPod/iPhone/iPad” and then select an album.
Fourthly, select the photos and videos.
Tap the photos and videos one by one, or tap “Select All” to select all the files in this album.

Fifthly, tap the “Receive” button on iPad. Tap the “ipod5” to connect to your iPod. If your device is not shown, you can “Refresh Devices”.
Select an album for those files. Or you can create a new album for them.

Sixthly, tap the “Download” button to proceed. There will be an authorization for the downloading on the iPod. You can tap “Yes, Always” or “Yes, This Time Only” according to your personal requirement.
In this case, someone who would like to download files without your permission will be prohibited.
If those files have been saved on your iPad already, there will be a pop-up dialogue like the following screenshot.
You can skip them to avoid duplicated copy, or you can download them again. You also can cancel the downloading.
After those files have been downloaded successfully, the following dialogue will appear. The new version of iPhone WiFi Transfer has made some improvement on safety and stability. Its new features make it an ideal tool for copying your whole photo library to a new device.

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to iPad  (previous version)

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  • This app is so worth the money. It’s amazing how it transfers right in front of your eyes. Great investment.