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How to Transfer iPhone Photos to iPad Mini

Published on March 27, 2013 by in iOS, iPad, iPhone

We have show all the readers how to transfer photos from iPad mini to iPhone in the previous article. So in this guide we will show how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad mini with the help of iPhone to Computer Transfer step by step. The iPhone to Computer Transfer app plays the role of iTunes and USB cables. This guide applies to both the iPhone and iPod. Let’s come to the content immediately.

Step1 Install and run the transfer app on the iPhone and iPad mini. It is available on the App Store. And you just need to pay for once and install it to both your iPad mini and iPhone.
(Make sure the iPhone and iPad mini are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.)

Step2 Tap the “Send” button on iPhone, and select “Send Photos & Videos To: iPod iPhone iPad” tab.

Step3 Choose an album to send photos on iPhone to iPad mini.

Step4 Select photos one by one or “Select All” files of the album.

Step5 tap the “Receive” button on iPad mini.

Step6 Detect devices and select iPhone as the source device.

Tap the device name to connect to your iPhone. If your device is not shown, you can “Refresh Devices”.

Step7 Select album or create a new album for the newly transferred photos.

Step8 Download files from iPhone to iPad mini
Tap the “Download” button to proceed. There will be an authorization for the downloading on the iPhone.

If those files have been saved on your iPad already, there will be a pop-up dialogue like the following screenshot.

You can skip them to avoid duplicated copy, or you can download them again.

Hope the above explanation is cdetailed enough to release your confusion.

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