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How to Transfer iPhone Photos and Videos to iPod Touch

Usually we use iTunes to sync files between iPhone and iPod. But we may feel very frustrated with iTunes, for example, no USB cable, or something wrong with the sync process, etc. Nowadays, there is a new wireless method to share photos and videos between iPhone and iPod Touch. There is need of WiFi network and an iOS app named iPhone WiFi Transfer. It is also called Wireless Transfer App on the App Store.

This wireless transfer facilitates sharing photos and videos between iPhone/iPad/iPod devices. It can also help you download photos and videos from PC/Mac to iPad/iPhone/iPod and vice verse. This guide will focus on how to transfer photos and videos between iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download iPhone WiFi Transfer and install it on iPhone and iPod.

You need to pay once only and install it to multiple iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod). Make sure iPhone and iPod are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Open the app on the two devices, and make sure both the two running iPhone WiFi Transfer successfully.

Tap the “Receive” button on iPod. Then you will find the device name of iPhone.

Tap the name of iPhone. All photos and videos in this iPhone Photo Library will be listed.
Select the goal photos and videos. Tap the “Download” button to start the sharing. The selected photos and videos will be downloaded to the Photo Library of iPod.

Launch the “Photos” app in iPod and you will find all the photos and videos downloaded from iPhone.

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  • by CalcountR- Mar 25,2013
  • This app is so worth the money. It’s amazing how it transfers right in front of your eyes. Great investment.