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Transfer Photos from Android Phone to Computer Wirelessly

Published on July 17, 2013 by in Android

The Android WiFi Transfer not only can transfer photos between Android phone and iPhone, it also can transfer photos between Android phone and computer (Mac and Windows). The usage of Android WiFi Transfer is the same as the iPhone WiFi Transfer.

Download and install Android WiFi Transfer on Android phone. You can find it on the Google Play. Or you can get more details on its site.
android-computerThere are also two ways: taking the advantage of a web browser and downloading the WiFi Transfer computer companion. The computer companion is available HERE.

All the transferring steps are similar to transferring photos from iPhone to Computer. I will not repeat it again.
The Android devices and computer must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Of course, you can make use of USB cables to copy photos from Android phone to computer.

Connect Android phone to computer with USB cable.
On the phone, hold and drag the notification bar, and tap the USB icon.
Tap Turn on USB storage and then OK.
The Android phone will be listed as a removable drive on computer now.
Open this removable drive, find the folder labeled DCIM and open it to find the folder labeled Camera.
Copy and paste the photos from this folder to any folder on the computer.

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