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Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Published on March 18, 2013 by in iPhone

This guide will focus on how to share photos between two iPhones via Wi-Fi network, without iTunes and any USB cables. This guide applies to both the iPhone and iPod. You can draw some differences between the two.

Make sure both the two iPhones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

In order to distinguish the two iPhones we call them iPhone Sender and iPhone Receiver.

Step1 Install and run iPhone WiFi Transfer on the two iPhones separately.

Step2 Tap the “Send” button on iPhone Sender, and select ‘Send Photos & Videos To: iPod iPhone iPad’ tab.

Step3 Choose an album to send photos on iPhone Sender to iPhone Receiver

Step4 Select photos one by one or ‘Select All’ files of the album

Step5 tap the ‘Receive’ button on iPhone Receiver screen.

Step6 Choose the iPhone Sender to get the selected photos

Step7 Tap the Download button to save files on iPhone Receiver album

You can select an album or create one for the photos.
You will get an authorization required dialogue on iPhone Receiver.

You will also get an authorization requirement on your iPhone Sender. Tap ‘Yes, Always’ or ‘Yes, This Time Only’ to continue the transferring.

These photos will be transferred to iPhone Receiver immediately. Then you can locate them in the iPhone Receiver Photo Library.

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