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Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Mac

Published on December 5, 2012 by in Mac

We have talked about how to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Windows  step by step in the last guide. If your computer is Mac machine, this guide will be right for you. In order to be in conjunction with the iPhone WiFi Transfer iOS version so that photos and videos can be transferred between iOS devices and Mac computers, the Mac version has come out. It is much similar to the Windows version. Of course, you can use it instead of opening a web browser.

In the following content, we will show you how to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Mac.

1. Download and install iPhone WiFi Transfer on your iPhone. You can find it on the App Store.

2. Download and install  iPhone WiFi Transfer for Mac on your Mac. It is available on App Store as well.

Make sure your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Launch iPhone WiFi Transfer on iPhone.

4. Run the iPhone WiFi Transfer on your Mac.

If you don’t install the Mac version,you need to open a web browser on Mac. This app is compatible with any browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

5.Click the refresh button to load the iPhone device.

Without the Mac version app, you need to input the device address exactly as the same as the address on your iPhone (including the colon and the following port number). Then hit the “Enter” button to load the iPhone data.

6. Select a folder for the newly downloaded files. Then open an album of your iPhone. Click the “Download All” button to download all the files of the album, or hit the “Download Selected” button to download the chosen files.

Those files will be downloaded to your Mac very quickly. Photos can be RAW files or compressed ZIP files downloaded from iPhone to computer which is up to your personal choice. The folder downloaded to your Mac will be named automatically as the same name as on your iPhone. It is very convenient to find on Mac.

The web browser method is a little differentfrom the no-browser one. We will show you the details in the later guide. Or you can have a try by yourself.

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