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How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone5 to Galaxy S4

Published on April 2, 2013 by in iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released for a period. We have made a comparison between Galaxy S4 and iPhone5 previously. If you have an iPhone5, and you would like to share some precious photos and videos with your friend who owns a Galaxy S4, do you know how to achieve this goal?

Because iPhone5 and Galaxy S4 are equipped with two different OS: iOS and Android. You cannot share files between the two smart phones directly. You need to use Windows PC, Mac or a laptop as a third part medium. The following content will take Windows PC as an example to do the transferring.
There are two ways you can choose the one you appreciate.

1. iTunes (with USB cable)
The first method is also the most common used one. You need to connect iPhone5 to PC via USB cable.
Launch iTunes and Click “File >Devices>Transfer Purchases” to load the iPhone5 data, and then select the photos and videos you would like to share on your iPhone5.Then those selected files will be downloaded to your PC.

2. iPhone to Computer Transfer (without USB cable)
Download this app on the App Store. It makes full use of WiFi network. There is no need of any USB cables. You need to connect iPhone5 and PC to the same WiFi network.
Run the app on iPhone5.
Open a web browser or run the computer companion which is totally free.
Load the iPhone5 data via this app.
iphone5-to-galaxy-s4-3Open an album and choose the photos and videos to download to PC.
All the above is a brief guide. We have shown the detailed process in the previous tutorials, please refer to it.

Share Photos and Videos between iPhone and Windows PC

The following part is about how to transfer photos and videos from PC to Galaxy S4.
Plug the Galaxy S4 in your PC.
Open your “Computer” to find and open the Galaxy S4 in the “Devices with Removable Storage” field.
Then copy and paste those photos and videos to appropriate libraries on Galaxy S4. Or drag those files to Galaxy S4 directly.

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